I’m Tricia Robbins Kasson. I am a four decade daughter of the San Fernando Valley, and a candidate for State Assembly in the 45th District special election.  I invite you to get to know me. Ask the hard questions, and hear my plans for leading our district and state toward its brightest future.




• I have the skills and experience to bring jobs and economic opportunity to the San Fernando Valley and the rest of California.

• I have a strong background in planning, transportation and housing, and a proven track record of getting things done with, and for, our communities.

• I will work on the overhaul of our state’s healthcare system.

• I will fight to ensure our educational system provides attainable, affordable education for children and adults.

• I believe in equality for all.

• I pledge to change the culture of harassment in Sacramento.  As the only woman in this race, I am uniquely qualified to deliver on that promise.

• I will listen to you, and collaborate with our communities for the best possible representation of AD45.

• I have tremendous support from city, state and local leaders who know I am right for our communities, and right for Sacramento.  You can see my endorsements here, and if you choose, visit my Add Your Name page to endorse me yourself.  I welcome your support!

Please click here for further information on my background and plans for California’s future.

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